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Makers, Crafters, DIYers, Tinkerers, Artisans, Barn Forgers, Whatever. Any one who makes something, is a Maker. We Collaborate and Learn from each other. We come together in Open-Source and Homemade Pride. SCMC Supports Pueblo’s Maker Community, Meet-ups, Open-Houses, Community Partnerships, and Groups to Help Connect the Community.

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Classes and Workshops offer Makers a chance to pass along their Knowledge, and Acquire new Skills. SCMC Offers both Free and Private Workshops. Community Partners Like the Pueblo Library District, and Colorado State University Extension Offer even MORE.

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Makers and SCMC seek a Rich and Fair platform to Flourish and Enrich our Community. We hold Education and Vocation in High Regard and Help Cultivate a New Future for all of Pueblo.

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Access to the Tools or Space should Not stand in the way of Creativity. SCMC offers a Collaborative Work Space built by it’s Members. Free and Public Space for creation can be found in Libraries and other Community Partners around Pueblo

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